ITS wireless leased lines pack a gigabit punch

ITS wireless leased lines pack the same gigabit punch as our fibre leased lines, but without the wires. Using the latest radio and microwave technology, our wireless leased lines offer reliable, dedicated connectivity. One of the advantages of an ITS wireless leased line, also called ‘Fibre through the air’, is that we can install connections very quickly. Used as primary connectivity or to build resilience into your network, wireless leased lines provide a solution that you can depend on.

Premium managed wireless connectivity

As a managed connectivity solution, ITS wireless leased lines offer uncontended symmetrical bandwidth up to 10Gbps, and are highly available (99.999%) 24/7/365, giving you peace of mind that your mission critical tasks will be supported and that your connectivity won’t let you down.

ITS wireless leased lines are a managed service, so your connectivity is monitored 24 hours a day, allowing for the prevention and early detection of faults, enabling them to be resolved quickly. We offer a choice of monitoring options, from passive, with alerts and triggers, to active monitoring using intelligent software to flag risks and unusual activity. In addition, your wireless leased line is backed up with a service level agreement (SLA) to minimise downtime if there is a fault.

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Flexible scalable wireless leased lines

We design solutions that deliver on the connectivity requirements of our customers and partners. Wireless leased lines offer a scalable solution that can grow with your business. As a premium gigabit solution, ITS wireless leased lines are exclusively for your use, supplying secure uncontended bandwidth right to your fingertips.


Connecting you to more

We can use wireless point to point services in the same way as fixed fibre as a cost-effective way to connect sites close to each other. Wireless leased lines are also a very efficient way to connect premises that are located in challenging terrains and geographies, or where it is appropriate to avoid civils digs.
As businesses are increasingly reliant on connectivity to operate and collaborate with their customers and partners, we are building more resilience into connectivity solutions by providing a second, diverse network, as both are unlikely to fail at the same time.

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Is your connectivity business critical?

If your business depends on high availability connectivity, wireless leased lines or ‘fibre through the air’ are a great alternative to a fixed fibre leased line.  

  • Using the latest wireless technology to deliver highly available gigabit capabilities
  • Uncontended symmetrical (same upload and download) speeds up to and in excess of 10Gbps
  • 99.999% availability with SLAs, suitable for mission and business critical applications
  • Dedicated premium connectivity

If you don’t need a dedicated gigabit capable solution we provide wireless broadband products.


Did you know that you can get help with the cost to install an ITS wireless leased line?

The government is supporting the rollout of gigabit connectivity and we have been an authorised supplier since the scheme was introduced. If you are a small or medium business, you can apply for a Gigabit Broadband Voucher here. You can make a claim of up to £2,500 (subject to eligibility) against the cost of connection.

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