Wireless High Speed Digital Networks

Superfast Wireless Internet Connections

unnamed.pngSimilar to our fibre networks we can use wireless technologies to create networks. Wireless WAN networks can run over a large geographical area connecting different locations and properties.

We can use a range of wireless technologies to connect back to a core network which is typically fibre or a central backbone of OFCOM licensed radio links. We create networks using point to point connections and point to multiple points connections.

Expansive Wireless

Wireless technologies can be used to connect areas that are separated by difficult terrain such as hills, valleys and water. They are fast to build and install and can often be a more cost effective solution than laying fibre in the ground. The cost of wireless technology has come down over the last few years and we can now deliver speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Our licensed links or wireless fibre are fast, reliable and have low latency – like fibre they are able to deliver reliably fast upload and download speeds

Wireless Technologies

The range of wireless technologies we use is always evolving. Currently we work extensively with:

  • Licensed Radio (Microwave)
  • Light Licensed Radio
  • Unlicensed Radio
  • None line of site

Fully licensed point to point radio links can travel over many miles and use a unique OFCOM frequency that can have up to 99.999% availability which means they are secure and robust. Light licensed radio connections are cost effective and use an OFCOM frequency that is less susceptible to interference than an unlicensed link. They are ideal for densely populated areas. Unlicensed links are perfect for shorter distances up to 10km where a property needs a better internet service quickly and with a limited budget.

Wireless Network Design and Deployment

As with our fibre and hybrid networks we consult with you to design, project manage and deploy the network. We use Prince 2 methodology for project management and are ISO9001 accredited.

Learn more about wireless services call us on 01928 291 000 or email info@itstechnologygroup.com.

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