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mobile.jpgAs a valued customer, we have worked hard with our partners to bring you the best packages for your telephony needs from the desk to the pocket.

We now offer our clients an end to end customer experience which mitigates cost, complexity and risk which now extends in to mobile telephony. By combining your network connectivity, desktop telephony (VoIP) and our IT Managed Service with our new mobile offering, we can now provide you with a single point of contact for all your ICT needs.

Tailor Made Packages

We offer tailor made mobile packages to suit the needs of your business and your employees from the two largest network operators in the UK O2 & EE. We will build you the most suitable package on the best network for you. We take into consideration your current minutes, texts and data usage, as well as your forecasted data usage over the life of the contract – which trends suggest will double. We can guarantee you the most suitable mobile deal for your needs, and provide you the most competitive price available. 

Why not let our experts see what we can do for you?

Find out more about our mobile phone offer call us on 01928 291 000 or email

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