The Wilton Centre offer high quality office space from 1-300 desks and all options in between. The spacious complex is set in a 75 acre landscaped park with its own lake and courtyards. It is home to sixty companies, including a number of prestigious multinationals. A range of fully furnished laboratory space and an excellent technical development area comprising pilot plant and scale up accommodation is also available.

The Challenge – Rapid Change

The Wilton Centre regularly welcomes new companies to their office complex. These companies often need help in setting up their IT equipment and configuring their settings with the IT connectivity provided by the Wilton Centre as part of their rental package. ITS engineers offer this welcome service and very often go on to support the companies in the longer term. ITS also have a very long history of providing support in the lab space environment. Our engineers are accustomed to the unique challenges this brings and deal with those using time tested methods.

The Solution – Strong SLAs

One of the main advantages is having the IT support on site, so whenever companies call, help is (more often than not) just a few minutes away or a short wait for a call back. These rapid response times set ITS apart and give customer satisfaction levels a measurable boost. When IT systems are disrupted, speed is key in getting a business back on line and functioning smoothly again, reducing business costs and disruption.

Becoming A Partner

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