Dark Fibre

Manage your own connectivity (limitless speed)

ITS can provide industry sector customers with the ability to extend their footprint, through Dark Fibre.

Dark Fibre allows the creation of private networks. Unlike Ethernet or lit-fibre services, if you purchase Dark Fibre, you will also need to deploy and manage the equipment needed to make it active.

As Dark Fibre networks are dedicated, they are often contracted on extended terms and link a network operator’s sites or POPs (Points of Presence) together, rather than linking end customer locations to POPs. Typical Dark Fibre users include Network Operators, Data Centres, Local and Central Government, and major corporations.

Dark Fibre is designed and tailored to specific needs and ITS will review any request and undertake dedicated design, build-planning and delivery. ITS’ flexible team focus on great design and a low-cost base, which means we are an ideal choice to work with.