Partner offers that drive growth

Our programme is designed to help our partners sell high quality connectivity solutions, and we’re constantly innovating to help build offers that support your business growth. 

May circuit offers

With every circuit order placed in May partners can choose either:

1. Their first three months FREE with every on-net order or their first month FREE with every off-net order.


2. FREE broadband* with every new circuit order

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1.Broadband only: customer provides PSTN line
2.Free for initial 12 months then charged at prevailing monthly rental
3.Highest available speed from serving exchange will be offered (max. FTTC 80/20)
4.Excludes ‘Market A’ exchange areas

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“ITS is a very important strategic partner for Vapour Media and the relationship between our two companies has gone from strength to strength.”

Vapour Media

“I attended the partner event in March which was a great opportunity to meet the wider team and learn more about opportunities coming down the line. Then lockdown hit us. What has really impressed me is how Daren, Phil and the team have kept the momentum going. The “free means free” offers continue to be helpful, as has the way that our inflight orders have been dealt with. The escalation process to connect customers classed as key worker industries is straightforward and painless. It means our orders are progressing as expected, and customers continue to be connected at a time when they need it most.”

Chris Bibby, Sales Director, Cornerstone Business Solutions

“Throughout the lockdown period, ITS has been working with us closely on the projects we already had underway; but is also looking at what we need to drive the business forward. This includes the partner support packages it developed soon after lockdown, which have without doubt helped during these uncertain times. Their collaborative approach remains resolute, and in fact has deepened. ITS has a habit of picking up on the seed of an idea and running with it – and that’s brilliant.”

Niki Addison, Operations Director, Concert Networks

Relationships underpin our partner programme

As one of the UK’s leading alternative network (altnet) providers, we have relationships with all major UK network providers and comprehensive technical capabilities which allow us to design, build and support solutions for our partners to better connect with their customers.

Why we are different

We take a different approach to building telecommunications infrastructure. We have pioneered the ‘dig once’ ​model to reuse existing infrastructure to accelerate the deployment of building full fibre and hybrid networks. Our partnership with London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham was the first of its kind in the UK. We have since used this approach to add to our growing footprint across the UK including Bristol, Hereford, Manchester, Nottingham and Tameside. One of the key benefits of dig once is that we can install our connections far quicker than the industry norm.

Our national network

Our national network connects all our fixed and wireless networks and is growing and evolving as we build new networks. The national network is ‘handed off’ to internet exchange points, or alternatively local access locations. Channel partners have access to all our networks as a layer 1 (dark fibre), layer 2 (wholesale) or as a fully managed layer 3 connection.

Becoming A Partner

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