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Posted on October 4, 2016


For many of us, the first thing we do when we reach our hotel for the evening is pull out our phone, tablet and laptops to hunt down the in-house WiFi network. Once considered something of a luxury, these days it’s an essential tool, helping us create a home away from home, an office away from the office and a crucial link to those we love. 

For businesses in the hospitality sector, providing free guest WiFi is now a minimum standard that the vast majority of customers expect, but it’s a good deal more than just another outlay. Indeed, WiFi can become one of your greatest assets in learning the needs and wants of your customer base.

What data can you gather with WiFi analytics?

The amount of data you can gather with WiFi analytics is only limited by your imagination. 

Traditionally, many companies ask for an email address to hop online. Whilst the value of an email address shouldn’t be undervalued, you can request any data at all from your customers. For example, you might have your customers fill in a short survey. This could include whether you’re interested in their opinion of your rooms or what the purpose of their visit is. Regardless, you can glean huge amounts of valuable and actionable information from these surveys. 

Alternatively, you might request a Facebook Like or Check-In in return for access. Facebook’s analytical tools are superb, showing age, gender and almost anything else that your customers have chosen to share on Facebook – helping you to learn more about your customers, as well as boost social interaction. 

With our hospitality WiFi packages, you can view the full range of insights into your guests’ usage and movement patterns, regardless of how long they stay with you. 

How can you turn that data into a value adding proposition for customers?

Collecting data is one thing, but customers only ever see the value in it if you the use it to improve their experience within your business. 

Take, for example, the hospitality sector. Imagine a hotel which knows the majority of its clients read the Financial Times online, they could have a copy placed in their room for arrival. It’s just one example of the ways that you can utilise the data created by your customers to improve their stay. 

Existing data can be leveraged in countless ways, from redesigning your physical spaces to improve the movement of your customers, to hiring a greater number of bar staff for nights which have been proven to attract a higher amount of footfall.

Although largely invisible to your customers, these changes – taken cumulatively – work to transform the ways in which your business operate. With a constant flow of data, you can build an experience for your customers beyond mere luxury, but an experience built out of a deep understanding of what your customers actually want. That’s the real power of analytics. 

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