RHM Joins ITS Partner Programme

Posted on March 1, 2019

RHM Taps into Our Networks to Reach the Parts Other Providers Can’t

28th February 2019 – RHM Telecommunications (RHM) has today announced it has joined ITS Technology Group’s (ITS) Partner Programme to allow it to deliver full fibre services in connectivity blackspots with a particular focus on Bristol and West London.

Nick Thomas, managing director, RHM said: “RHM provides thousands of internet connections for our clients. We have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of availability in certain areas including some cities and major conurbations.

“We were approached by ITS to see if we would be interested in partnering with them as they expand their fibre network across the UK. They already have a full fibre network covering a high proportion of Bristol which is a key local market for us, as is West London. We were keen to join them as a partner to address gaps in BT Openreach coverage in these areas and at a time when ITS has aggressive network expansion plans.”

Daren Baythorpe, CEO of ITS said: “We are delighted to welcome RHM Telecommunications onto our partner programme. Our growing network footprint complements the areas where RHM has demand to supply services, but also gives the business the opportunity to expand into new territories quickly. Connectivity blackspots are not the sole domain of rural areas – many urban locations are still overlooked. Our duct and asset reuse models mean that we can install customers quickly with minimum disruption which is an appealing proposition both for our partners and their end customers.”

ITS kicked off a partner recruitment campaign across its 22 networks at the end of last year. To find out more email partners@itstechnologygroup.com.

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