The Truth about Hospitality Internet and WiFi Services

Posted on November 28, 2017

Many WiFi services in hotels, guest houses and leisure parks, simply aren’t fit for purpose. Long gone are the days when guests were happy when a good speed internet was available, it is now an expectation in the midst of the digital age.

There is nothing more frustrating to the modern guest than experiencing lack of slow or intermittent WiFi. Regardless of the beautiful surrounding and great service, if the internet is patchy, negative feedback on popular review sites is bound to appear.

Younger guests expect nothing less than to be connected; it’s simply a way of modern life!

Worst still than disgruntled teenagers, grumpy children and frustrated adults, poor or no internet service can stop people booking in the first place. It’s one of the first amenities people search for when checking out prospective accommodation.

OK, I Know I Need to Offer a Good Internet Service – What Next?

It is good to have some idea of a budget and consider the value a good service would offer to your business. You then need to decide how the internet is distributed (WiFi) internally or over your land.

However, when considering budgets and options, research is very important. There are countless options available and it can be pretty disappointing to see adverts for superfast services for a few pounds a month - yet that service isn’t available to your location.

Something else to consider is that many leisure and hospitality businesses have found that their customers stay far longer when there is good internet connection. With the increase in flexible and remote working, it is now possible for many people to work from anywhere when there is good internet.

Talk to your business associates, get recommendations and ask them about their experiences before, and after they have invested in a good internet service and WiFi network.

The Good News – We Are Specialists

At ITS we are specialists in providing technology agnostic high speed internet services, that means high speed internet using the best technology or method available to the location in question.

Regionally we own and operate a fibre and wireless internet network across North and Mid Wales, from which we can branch out to service hard to reach places. Our own national network gives the buying power to purchase leased lines at very competitive rates.

The Best Solution for Your Budget

For larger hotels, a leased line is affordable. However for smaller businesses where Fibre to Cabinet (FTTC) would suffice, but isn’t available - we can look at other options.

For example, we can build a mini network shared amongst a few businesses, to help reduce the cost and help you source grants to contribute to the cost.

When it comes to the WiFi element, we can help you decide where you need to get internet coverage to satisfy your guests needs and maximise your budget.

Best of all – we will come and meet with you to discuss your requirements, research your options, create a desktop design and provide a proposal free of charge.

If you are interested in a free no obligation, consultation please call Pip Hallewell at ITS Technology Group on 01928 291 000 or email

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