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Secure, Scalable and Available Cloud Storage

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Our cloud storage solutions are based on the Windows platform, which means the tools, environment and support structure is familiar. Being part of a trusted Windows portfolio means that you can be assured that it is secure and compliant.

Top Five Benefits of Cloud Storage:

  • Save costs – Reduce the need for storage space, equipment and hardware
  • Secure – Data is encrypted and requires authentication to access
  • Automated back-ups – Restore with zero downtime
  • Accessible – Access files and information from any browser
  • Share & Collaborate – Enable users to edit and collaborate on the same document or file

Cost Effective Cloud Storage

Store and process hundreds of terabytes of data to support the big data scenarios required by scientific, financial analysis and media applications. Or you can store the small amounts of data required for a small business website. Wherever your needs fall, you pay only for the data you are storing.

Scalable Cloud Storage

If required our storage solutions will support global applications and scale up as demand increases. The data based traffic is managed automatically for performance.

Available Cloud Storage

Accessible from anywhere in the world from any type of application, whether it is running in the cloud, on the desktop, on an on-premises server, or on a mobile or tablet device. Syncing ensures your files are automatically updated across all of your devices. This way, the latest version of a file you saved on your desktop is available on your smartphone.

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