VoIP Hosted Telephony

We offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a quality hosted telephony service which allows you to use the internet for telephone calls, lower your overheads, improve collaboration and productivity.

ITS can provide cheaper national, international and mobile call rates, and tailored packages. You only pay by the second which means there is no need for expensive switchboards, ISDN and landlines.

You can also automate call routing, set up hunt groups and automated attendants – removing any reliance on people to perform these tasks. An easy to use web-based portal means it’s easy to see who is available using the Reception Console.

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Transforming business communications

Our VoIP solutions are transforming the way businesses communicate. By providing a single communications platform VoIP hosted telephony is addressing the needs of every employee, regardless of their location or the device they prefer to use.

Based on industry-leading BroadSoft cloud architecture, our hosted telephony platform is recognised as one of the most reliable cloud services available.

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Unrivalled VoIP solutions

Our cloud-based platform delivers a range of feature-rich voice, video and unified communications solutions. We help you to improve the way you communicate with your customers, increasing collaboration, making it easy to communicate and get in touch. Hosted telephony allows businesses to quickly adapt while maintaining best-in-class communications capability.

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The key benefits of ITS Hosted Telephony – VoIP

  • Lower costs – There are no up-front capital costs. All you need to do is sign up for our all inclusive minutes bundle or alternatively, build a Pay-As-You-Use service to benefit from free calls between your offices, homeworkers, and enjoy cheaper local, national and international call charges.
  • Feature rich – Our system gives you enterprise level telephony features including: Auto Attendant, Receptionist Console, Call Centre and Call Recording. Other features are designed to help improve productivity and efficiency including Presence, Click-to-Dial and Contact Database Integration – all of your hosted telephony features are easily managed via the intuitive online management portal.
  • Agile solution – We know that your needs change. Our solutions allow you to flex usage up and down without having to commit to lengthy contracts. You can quickly add new users, wherever they are based in the world. Our systems also allow you to keep in contact while on the move.
  • Futureproof – By working with key technology partners such as BroadSoft, Cisco and Juniper, you are guaranteed best of breed technology and will benefit from the latest developments.  It also means that you can just use your telephony system and not worry about maintenance or upgrades.
  • Hosted video – Developments in technology mean that more and more people are working from home or across different locations. Cloud-hosted Pay-As-You-Use video conferencing allows you to keep in touch cost effectively with a simple click of your mouse rather than using complex or dedicated video equipment or similar solutions.

Do you have the connectivity to support VoIP?

You can use our hosted telephony systems using your current connectivity, if it is capable. If not, you can connect to one of our full fibre or wireless services to ensure a high quality, high availability (99.999%) VoIP experience that doesn’t touch the public internet

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