Businesses at the Translation & Innovation Hub (I-HUB) based at Imperial College’s White City campus are benefiting from a pioneering agreement between Hammersmith & Fulham Council (H&F) and ITS to reuse CCTV ducting to deliver full fibre ultrafast connectivity across the borough.

The Imperial College Campus and I-HUB infrastructure has allowed ITS to deliver ultrafast full fibre connectivity, known as H&F Connect, straight to the I-HUB. As a result, businesses are able to access up to 10Gbps ITS services tailored to their needs now, and in the future.

Richard Wheeler, Director of Business Development at Imperial College London ThinkSpace said: “Our tenants expect a quick and simple solution for their broadband connectivity in time for when they move in. They can’t afford to wait months to get connected. The imaginative combination of H&F’s and Imperial College’s existing ductwork to the I-HUB, with the reliable fibre provision of ITS is a brilliant idea, and gives us a quality product delivered as and when it’s needed.”

Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration said: “We’re future-proofing the borough with a digital connectivity that will allow businesses to compete with the best in the 21st century. Ultrafast broadband will soon become the norm for businesses across the borough as we strive to make H&F the best place to do business in Europe.”

In a ground-breaking partnership with ITS, H&F Council is providing full fibre internet to businesses using underground CCTV ducts in the borough which forms part of the council’s new Industrial Strategy with Imperial College London to make H&F the best place to live, work and socialise in Europe alongside the council’s Upstream campaign with local business leaders and firms.

Lisa Harding, Head of Strategic Partnerships at ITS said: “This pioneering agreement with H&F Council was the first of its type in the country. Together we have learnt a lot about how to deliver ultrafast connectivity reusing existing infrastructure in order to lower costs and minimise disruption.”

H&F Connect is also available to ISPs as part of ITS’ wholesale model.

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