ITS dark fibre gives you ultimate control

Our dark fibre network offers you near limitless bandwidth, and ultimate security and control over your connectivity. ITS provides dark fibre so that you can create your own private network, allowing you to manage and operate the connectivity yourself.


Why choose ITS as your dark fibre provider?

Our dark fibre services are provided unlit. This means that you choose and own the equipment at both ends of your fibre, taking full responsibility for it, as well as the protocol that is right for you and or your customers. It is popular for organisations that need a dedicated, secure, private network.

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ITS dark fibre features the following:

  • Customisable and flexible performance – giving you ultimate control and the capability to change your speeds at any time, whether that’s as a temporary measure or a permanent upgrade.
  • Unlimited bandwidth – the only thing holding back your bandwidth is the equipment you choose to install.
  • Secure network – ITS dark fibre provides you with the peace of mind that it is dedicated to you and therefore not shared with others.
  • End to end ‘ownership’ – giving you complete control of your own network.
Man holding tablet stands next to a cabinet full of fibre broadband wires

ITS’ green dark fibre networks and credentials

A significant proportion of the cost to build fibre optic networks is attributed to the civils digs required to put ducts into the ground to run the fibre through. In order to be kinder to the environment and reduce the disruption caused by civils, ITS has pioneered the ‘dig once’ approach to build its networks across the UK. This means that where we can, we reuse existing ducts and infrastructure to build our fibre.

Lit up cityscape using dark fibre networks

Expertise in fibre, experts of ‘dig once’

Our credentials in this reuse space are second to none. Having signed a landmark deal with London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham to utilise its CCTV ducting, it created a wave of support for this approach among local authorities to look at how their own assets can facilitate digital transformation. We have since signed numerous agreements of this nature and have been instrumental in developing a number of ‘dig once’ models, including the Cooperative Network Infrastructure (formerly Digital Infrastructure Cooperative), of which ITS is a founder member.

By building our full fibre infrastructure in this way, we have created fibre networks that allow us to offer dark fibre, the ultimate futureproof connectivity, and install quickly to on net customers – far faster than the industry norm of 90 days.

Is ITS dark fibre right for you?

ITS dark fibre is a premium connectivity solution in terms of speed, security and flexibility. Where it differs from our full fibre leased lines, is that while the fibre asset itself is owned and managed by ITS, once handed over, the equipment you connect is your responsibility.

If you want a fully managed fibre service, our full fibre leased lines offer a carrier grade full fibre gigabit connectivity solution. ITS fibre leased lines offer dedicated, uncontended symmetrical bandwidth up to and in excess of 10Gbps which can be used to access the internet or to create a secure private data network between premises.

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