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With a growing UK-wide footprint of full fibre and hybrid networks, ITS knows how to deliver high quality, superfast and gigabit capable connectivity solutions.

Demand for bandwidth hungry data services, such as streaming on-demand video content, cloud services, and using multiple devices on the same connection, are driving the need for high-speed connectivity. As businesses continue to move to even more data intensive applications and cloud adoption, demand for higher speeds will continue to grow.

Whether you are a business that needs a fully managed leased line or business-grade broadband; a community looking to access reliable high speed broadband; or a partner searching for a trustworthy connectivity provider – we have a solution that’s right for you.


Full fibre leased lines

Offering the ultimate fixed fibre gigabit connectivity solution, our dedicated managed full fibre leased lines provide uncontended symmetrical bandwidth of more than 10Gbps. Whether you need access to the internet, or to create a resilient data network between your premises, our fibre leased lines offer the peace of mind that your mission critical tasks will be supported and your connectivity ‘always on’.

Man holding tablet stands next to a cabinet full of fibre broadband wires

Wireless leased lines

Offering the same premium connectivity benefits as our fibre leased lines, but without the wires, our wireless leased lines use the latest radio and microwave technology. Also known as ‘fibre through the air’ our wireless leased lines offer reliable, dedicated connectivity. Wireless technologies can be installed quickly so you can benefit from your gigabit capable connectivity faster! Used as either primary connectivity, or to build resilience into your network, wireless leased lines are a proven connectivity solution you can depend on.

Wireless leased lines in a cold forest

Full fibre broadband

Our full fibre broadband services stand out from many of the contended fibre broadband services available on the market for all the right reasons. With many of the traits of a leased line, our services are a high quality, low contention and cost effective alternative; more than capable of supporting a business that relies on highly available gigabit connectivity.

Cityscape at night, powered by fibre leased lines

Wireless broadband

We offer wireless broadband services to rival many fixed fibre broadband solutions on the market. ITS provides a suite of wireless broadband products that guarantee you have a reliable, high quality, superfast or gigabit capable connection to suit your requirements, ensuring your bandwidth is there when you need it. Whether you need high capacity over a short distance, or superfast services over larger areas, you can rely on us to deliver.  

Man in an office using a mac

Dark fibre

Our dark fibre gives you ultimate control over your connectivity. Offering near limitless bandwidth, ITS dark fibre allows you to create your own highly secure private network. This way, you can manage and operate your connectivity yourself.

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Funding to help you connect to more

As authorised suppliers of several regional and national schemes, we can help you to access funding enabling you to connect to better broadband and connectivity. Schemes include BDUK Better Broadband Voucher Scheme, Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, (Cheshire) Better Broadband Scheme, and in Wales, the Access Broadband Cymru and Ultrafast Connectivity Voucher Scheme. Please get in touch to find out more.

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