A network provider that offers more than a supplier partnership

First impressions are important. From the start, it was clear to Concert Networks that ITS was offering much more than the average ISP, aligning itself with its needs and with how they could work together in a partnership that looks not at just simply winning individual orders, but at the bigger picture.

As one of the earliest adopters of VoIP technology, Concert has built a business around developing technical solutions that help its customers to be better connected and increase productivity. Having experienced the highs and lows of managing suppliers, it knows exactly what it’s looking for from its partners.

Aligned businesses

Concert works with a variety of industry sectors that are looking to derive an ROI from their telephony system, handling calls more efficiently and often working across multiple locations and countries. High quality connectivity goes hand in hand with this. When it comes to choosing connectivity partners, resilience and reliability of connections is vital, but so is the supplier approach and attitude.

Niki Addison, Operations Director at Concert said: “Our reputation and the success of our customer projects is intrinsically linked with how our suppliers operate. We need to trust that they will do what they say they will, and when. This is even more important when things don’t go to plan. It’s in these circumstances you find out the true mark of the person.”

Relationships that build trust

Working in a highly competitive industry, Concert is looking to work with suppliers it can trust to deliver, but also that it can really engage with to create business opportunities.

Niki continued: “Like all relationships, sometimes you just click, and it was clear from the start that ITS had a different way of thinking than most. Rather than go away from our initial meeting and send over reams of marketing material and quotes, ITS talked to us about the bigger picture, what that meant for us, and how we could work together – and that was really exciting.

“Since joining its partner programme we have built relationships across the organisation – Will, Daren and the team just get it, and are honest and transparent in how they work with us. This is so much more than a product tick sheet. ITS is open to working on solutions that work for our clients. Being able to influence where it rolls out connectivity to connect customers that are overlooked, as well as the product roadmap, is where the real value add is for us.”

“Throughout the lockdown period, ITS has been working with us closely on the projects we already had underway; but is also looking at what we need to drive the business forward. This includes the partner support packages it developed soon after lockdown, which have without doubt helped during these uncertain times. Their collaborative approach remains resolute, and in fact has deepened. ITS has a habit of picking up on the seed of an idea and running with it – and that’s brilliant.”

Niki Addison, Operations Director, Concert Networks

Becoming A Partner

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