QR Sports Automotive      

Industry sector: Car repairs and Maintenance                                           

Location: Tattenhall, Cheshire

Services: Fixed Wireless Access - Superfast Connectivity

QR Sport Automotive in Tattenhall Go Up a Gear with ITS Technology Group’s Superfast Broadband

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QRS Automotive (QRS) are specialists in Volkswagen Audi Group cars and for over 10 years have been a registered Bosch Approved Auto Service Centre.

At the forefront of vehicle diagnostics technology, their trained technicians are well equipped to repair all manufacturers makes and models, using advanced KTS diagnostics equipment and web based tools. Based in Tattenhall, QRS also have accreditation granted to deliver servicing for cars under the manufacturer’s warranty and are an approved DVSA MOT Test Centre.

Like many rural Cheshire locations, along with others across the UK, QRS found it continually challenging to operate their business with the limited broadband speed achieved through their incumbent provider - BT. Although the distance to their local telephone exchange was just under two miles away, it proved too far to achieve acceptable speeds over existing copper based broadband.

Daren Scholes, MD - QRS Automotive explained,
“Over time, we started to rely more and more on our broadband. As a specialist automotive diagnostics outfit, high-speed reliable internet access became imperative in terms of utilising our cloud-based systems, downloading regular diagnostic software updates, allowing VoIP to function efficiently and to support our growing online mail-order business. 
I realised we had to make some changes to our slow internet connectivity when my staff suggested certain online business tasks were easier to action using their home broadband! I was aware that many local businesses had been involved with a local Alternative Network (Alt Net) provider and after making enquiries, I was advised that Canalside businesses, which is where we are located, had benefitted from faster connectivity through the local ITS network."

ITS offer many communities the only solution to poor connectivity
When rural broadband provider ITS Technology Group, announced plans to fund the design and build of an innovative wireless solution, QRS were among many business owners keen to get involved. With robust and reliable Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) connectivity delivering speeds of up to 60Mbps download and 67Mbps upload, being part of the ITS network has enabled QRS to instantaneously access technical web-based apps and tools, which is vital to their business.
 ITS now provide connectivity and telephony solutions to hundreds of properties in the local area and the network forms the basis for further future expansion in to other areas.

Daren Scholes added,
“Faster and reliable broadband has allowed us to move in the right direction as a business. There are no more ‘out of hours’ or ‘away from the office’ business system updates etc. The team here can access every online business tool they need to get the job done, during the normal business day.  I have a great relationship with the ITS team, they really are a friendly, efficient and knowledgeable bunch. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their staff or services.”

Roy Shelton commented,
“The Cheshire ITS network has been rolled out across parts of the county enabling those living and running businesses in these rural locations, access to high-speed internet. Businesses increasingly expect to communicate and serve customers in a digital space. ITS is bridging the gap between rural and urban internet access, addressing the growing needs in rural communities for a reliable communications infrastructure that can support consumers, local businesses and local economies.”

For more information, contact Daren Scholes on mail@qrsport.comQRS sport logo 265x188.png                                                                                  



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