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In December 2011, following the opening of the brand new Werneth Primary Care Centre, ITS Technology Group was awarded the contract for the supply and management of a superfast, resilient, fibre-optic infrastructure link to the Oldham Integrated Care Centre (part of the Royal Oldham hospital) one of the largest primary care facilities in the UK. A second phase contract was then placed in mid-2012 that sees the Royton Health and Well Being Centre along with a mission critical supply centre at Qubeck Street also needing to be connected.

The Solution

The second phase required a new two kilometre section of additional fibre-cabling to be installed to link the Royton facility into the ITS NHS network and this cost effective solution was not only completed with minimal disruption but also in record time. With additional work being completed within the Royton site, staff will now benefit from active management of the superfast, resilient, fibre optic infrastructure on a fixed and predictable cost of ownership basis.

“As with the initial installation, we again worked in unison with the local authorities highways department and other key stakeholders to ensure a speedy delivery of the new service with the minimum amount of disruption to the local area,” stated Roy Shelton, Group Chief Commercial Officer for ITS Technology Group. “Our innovative design solution and ability to control the entire ‘end to end’ process was key to us developing an agile model that delivered NHS Oldham’s requirements in the first phase.

They then almost immediately entrusted us to expand both the physical infrastructure and the managed resource services we provide, further demonstrating their trust in us.” Commenting on the original contract award Paul Lyons, Associate Director of Information Management and Technology at NHS Oldham, said: “NHS Oldham is committed to providing patients with the very highest standards of care. In order to do this, it’s important that our health and wellbeing services are supported by efficient, reliable and cost effective IT systems. I’m very pleased to be working with ITS Technology Group to deliver this.”

The town centre based Oldham Integrated Care Centre along with the Werneth Primary Care Centre and the newly connected Royton facility provide a wide range of health and wellbeing services to people across the area.

The Results

The aim of the overall project, in addition to secure and high speed access, is to provide, with the minimum of disruption, a ‘fail safe’ critical disaster recovery facility, to ensure that all relevant and sensitive data is secure in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

“Our innovative approach to the supply and management of 21st Century superfast broadband will help to keep these excellent facilities at the forefront of modern healthcare for years to come,” concluded Roy Shelton.

“The original fibre link contract spans twenty years and other public sector and commercial customers in the vicinity will be able to be benefit from access to the spare high speed fibre capacity and a range of additional IT managed services that the installed infrastructure now provides at extremely attractive commercial rates which are appealing to organisations of all sizes.”

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