The Message

Client: The Message 

Industry sector: Advertising and Design Agency

Location: Pride Park, Derby

Services: Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Broadband

Running a Design Agency on Dial Up Speeds was Near Impossible

the message 3.PNGThe Message have been at the same location for nearly 25 years. For the first 23 years they were unable to obtain a desirable broadband speed. As an advertising and design agency for some well-known and exclusive brands, not being able to transfer or upload files in a timely manner was crippling.

Ian Chappell, Director of The Message said, “We were lucky if we got 2.5Mbps and were often running on 400Kbps. Our experience was worse than the old fashioned dial up because we couldn’t even leave files to upload over night, they would simply timeout all the time. 

We looked into getting a leased line but it was going to cost nearly £2,000 a month.”

ITS Were Careful to Ensure the Network Was Sustainable

ITS invested their own funds to design and build the fixed wireless access (FWA) network. They generated sufficient interest before starting the build. Ian continued, “ITS kept us informed on a weekly basis of which businesses had also signed up, so we knew we were getting closer to the build date. Pride Park is located between a river and a train track and the exchange sits on the other side of the railway. We knew that due to our location and after so long our service would never improve if we continued to use the traditional copper network.”

Using wireless radio equipment, ITS built a network that gave several businesses including ours unimaginably faster broadband speeds.

We Have Not Looked Back – 30Mbps Upload and Download

The Message now have a superfast symmetrical service, that consistently gets speeds of over 25Mbps upload and 25Mbps download. They are now able to upload high resolution files such as videos and images in a flash. Businesses on the park have wireless equipment on their building that goes back to an ultrafast hard wired fibre backhaul.

Ian concluded, “The service has been faultless, ITS have done a brilliant job. A lot of companies promised the earth but then backed off as soon as they looked at the complexity of providing a service. Why would any business look to use another service provider when it will be either really slow or very expensive? For anyone in Pride Park this wireless internet service is a no brainer.”

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