Guardian Marine Testing

Guardian Marine Testing provides laboratory analysis and commentary on the quality for marine fuels used by all seagoing vessels. Anyone involved in the supply and use of these fuels knows how variable quality can be and the extreme dangers this can create for the ships, the crew and even the environment.

The Challenge

Their business operates in the highly secure lab space. This creates very specific challenges for our engineers:

  • They must closely adhere to the stringent security and safety requirements ~ by wearing protective equipment.
  • All the systems are highly configured and operate highly specialist and rare software programmes ~ (so many of them our engineers have a manual and make up pet names for them).
  • Very often the PCs are not networked ~ so manual connections between the lab instruments and the computers must be configured and maintained.
  • The machines must be manually backed up using a highly creative and tailored manual backup schedule ~ These schedules can protect months and years worth of experiment results, so their records are highly valued.
  • Very often lab machines cannot be updated, (no Microsoft updates or anti-virus software is permitted) ~ this creates a whole new set of challenges, to which ITS engineers are naturally creative and offer innovative solutions.
  • Lab machines are delicate, highly configured and the instruments are very expensive ~ A longstanding knowledge and real world experience is essential when working in lab space.
  • All of these factors means that GMT’s IT infrastructure is mission critical and its resiliency, high quality maintenance programmes and disaster protection systems are essential.

The main challenge for GMT was their exponential growth, their IT infrastructure simply could not cope. They went from 9-35 people literally overnight. This growth tested their systems and they needed rapid solutions to support and scale their business. Their business server could not cope with the extra load and this was causing some issues to reliability. With a deep understanding of their business and close consultancy, ITS have innovated solid solutions to help GMT scale up seamlessly with no impact on their own customer satisfaction. We have actively supported them during their rapid growth phase.

The Solution

The main advantage of ITS is their rapid response times, with having on site engineers, they can provide swift assistance when called upon. GMT are happy with the support from ITS team and are actively looking to increase their services with us and recommend us to their partners.

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