Crabtree Hall

Industry sector: Residential and Business (rural broadband)

Location: North Yorkshire

Services: Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to the premise 

High Speed Internet for Tenants

crabtree1.jpgCrabtree Hall just didn’t want a supplier - they wanted a partner who would invest in a long term partnership to deliver transformational change to the area.

Crabtree Hall is a rural business centre positioned yards from the A1 just north of Leeming Bar in North Yorkshire. Located centrally between the market towns of Northallerton and Bedale (both of which have BT superfast exchanges) they were unable to provision high speed internet for their tenants and business owners.

The idea was simple, a superfast connection to be shared by the tenants of the business centre and good enough to host on site email servers etc and to offer a carrier class  voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service giving all the added features over and above standard BT Phone lines and telephone switches. 

Fibre and Wireless Network Creates a Superfast Connection

  • ITS designed and procured a network utilising a Fibre end point but brought that into the site on a dedicated radio link over a commercial telecoms tower and Church Spire giving Crabtree instant 100Mbps availability. (Note the Fibre end point is 26Km away).
  • Each business now enjoys its own Data/Internet network delivering with their own firewall and a common VoIP system has been deployed with a Quality of Service (QoS) system implemented internally.
  • The network benefits from a comprehensive SLA giving 99.9% availability and high capacity speeds. The VoIP service has made flexible and home working a robust and cost effective solution.
  • The project has enabled Crabtree Hall to offer its tenants a 21st century Internet service with the flexibility to expand and offer other services such as Rural Community Broadband.

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