Full fibre broadband boost


Overlooked new build housing estate

Imagine buying your dream new build home. You are assured it will be finished to exacting standards, including full fibre broadband. However, when you move in it isn’t the case, and speeds and reliability are a real issue. This was the situation that homeowners on the new build estate, The Pastures, in Wesham, Lancashire found themselves in.

Community action

Under development since 2015, more than 200 homeowners had already moved in. The broadband situation came to a head when one proactive resident, Colin Bowman, posted to the community Facebook page about his slow internet connection, unleashing the floodgates as many more residents also shared their views.

In August 2020 Colin – who was by now spearheading a campaign for better broadband on the estate backed by local politicians – spoke to the local press about the community’s plight. Liam Mulryan, CEO of local ISP, Yayzi spotted the story and contacted Colin to see how he could help.

Yayzi’s partnership with ITS held the key

It was around this time that Yayzi had started to talk with full fibre provider ITS Technology Group about becoming a Faster Britain partner, as ITS had recently completed its Faster Britain network across Blackpool and the Fylde coast.
Through the Faster Britain initiative, ITS deploys full fibre to areas where there is demand and so Yayzi felt it would be a great solution for The Pastures.

Community consultation

Colin worked tirelessly to educate the community on Yayzi’s proposal, delivering leaflets, talking to every single household to field their questions and get buy in. Liam and ITS answered these, building trust and confidence among the community.

Transformational services

Despite the backdrop of COVID, the network was built in less than 3 months and ahead of schedule. All the customers were installed in days by ITS’ local contractor DH Telecom.

Feedback has been extremely positive. Some customers have needed additional support to setup WiFi for coverage in all rooms of their homes; this has been provided as part of the community support service offered by Yayzi and ITS. The broadband services have been transformational, particularly for those needing to work from home during the pandemic.

Liam Mulryan, founder & CEO of Yayzi Group