• KG ITS stand 240x239.jpg

    Kevin Gaskell

    Group Chairman

    Kevin will lead the board and help attract further investment into the ITS Technology Group. Kevin’s impressive portfolio of success stories include leading iconic brands such as Porsche, Lamborghini and BMW.

  • RS ITS stand 273x274.jpg

    Roy Shelton MBA

    Chief Executive Officer

    Roy is one of the original founders and investors of ITS Technology Group. Roy played an instrumental part in ITS’ growth and direction since inception and continues to lead all commercial, legal and acquisition opportunities across the entire group.

  • Carl K 409x408 image.jpg

    Carl Kameen

    Chief Financial Officer

    Carl Kameen will work with an expanded team to keep up with an increased market demand and uptake in projects company wide. He brings with him a wealth of financial experience, having previously held senior financial management positions at Speedy Hire Plc, Alkane Energy plc and EY.

  • DC ITS stand 285x285.jpg

    David Cullen

    Director - Regulation and Policy

    David is a Board Member of INCA (Independent Network Cooperative Association) and holds strong connections within the public sector. David’s in depth knowledge of network funding models allows him to offer priceless consultancy. David is a well respected regular on the speaker circuit.

  • DR 323x324 pixels.jpg

    Daren Baythorpe


    Daren has previously held senior management positions and has been an adviser with leading telecommunications and utility sector companies, including BT and Severn Trent Water. Until recently he was Managing Director of BT Openreach’s Business and Corporate Delivery division.





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